Thursday, November 19, 2009

My family

My family is messed up. Long story short (if you're really close to me, you probably know most of the story), my aunts and my mom had a big falling out 2 years ago and have been fighting ever since, putting both of my grandparent's in the middle of it. My Paw-Paw died 2 weeks ago, and now I found out my cousin committed suicide last weekend. This should be enough to bring a family back together to be there for one another, but it isn't. Please pray for my aunts and my mom and uncle so they can know how to fix the situation and be humble and courageous enough to do it. And pray for my cousins (I'm thinking my generation will be a little more calm-headed and able to work things out) so we can try to help in any way we can. And pray especially for my Nenny who's taking all of this kinda rough and for my aunt, since this means she's lost her husband, father, and one of her sons in the same year. I know we've had our differences, but I really hurt for her, especially in light of the losses I've suffered lately. Thanks for your prayer, just thought I'd explain my status a little bit.

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