Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Good Stuff

This is kind of a continuation of the previous note, but it's a different cool thing and it's more specific, so it needed it's own note.
I was trying to look up a verse I was going to share with a friend of mine who had a big conversation coming up. I was trying to find the verse about bringing a brother back when they've been sinning, and winning them over. The closest one I found (though I don't think it was the one I had in mind) was in Matthew 18:15.
So, like I said, this wasn't exactly the verse I was looking for, so I did a bible search for "bring" on As I was quickly perusing the results, one caught my eye from Psalm 68. Verse 11 says (in the NLT) "The Lord gives the word, and a great army brings the good news." The footnote says that for "army," you could translate "a host of women." This obviously puzzled and encouraged me, for why would one be able to translate "army" to "host of women." Apparently, in the Hebrew manuscripts the word is company which translates to "army," like a company in the army. In the Greek, the word "company," translates to a "host of women" as in the Nativity story when it talks about the archangel announcing to the shepherds where they can find Jesus and then a great company of angels appearing and singing glory and praises to Jesus. Basically, a company is a group of people who sing about awesome things that have been done, or just proclaim the word.
Here's why this is awesome (if you didn't pick up on it yet). God is giving His daughters, this army of women, the task of bringing the good news, spreading the gospel. He doesn't tell us to just hang out and support what the men are doing. We are an army!! We are to support what the men are doing, don't get me wrong, but we are given a purpose as well. It's an un-transferable mission that we were created to fulfill. That is awesome! So I challenge you ladies, to BE that army and proclaim the gospel with boldness! This is not a NT idea, this is straight up out the OT!! BE an army for God! Proclaim His good works and His glory!!

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